Thanks to the knowledge acquired in more than 3,000 projects completed in 105 counties in 46 years, Polin Group now offers its vast experience in a completely new field. With its franchising models offered in different areas under the Funtastic brand, Polin Group not only provides turn-key installation solutions for your projects, but also assumes their operation. Please contact us for details.

  • magical underwater world

    Aquariums with extraordinary decorations, special concepts and outstanding designs.

  • wide wild world

    Nature Parks, Safari Parks, Tropical Reptile Houses, Rainforests and Zoos including interesting experiences with exotical species around the world.

  • fun for the family

    Theme parks and family entertainment centers for both outdoor and indoor concepts.

  • fun flowing parks

    Special water parks featuring extraordinary games and technology options.

  • world of funtasy

    Large facilities and cruise ships including all funtastic activities together.