Polin Group offers services with 46-YEARS of experience in 65 COUNTRIES based on a wide network of offices, partners and dealers spanning over 5 CONTINENTS, and with a total of 21 MANUFACTURING FACILITIES and ENTERPRISES employing over 1500 STAFF MEMBERS from 74 NATIONS.

The company manages all its processes with a skillful, young, dynamic, international team having affinity for all cultures and dedication to the entertainment industry. It offers its experiences with flexible and versatile employees with dynamics to do business in different areas from project management to construction, R&D to production, and facility installation to operation.

Thanks to Polin’s international structure, organized locally at a global level, they have the ability to better understand the dynamics of each culture in order to better serve its partners and clients. Offering creative solutions as an advantage of projects delivered in many different countries and working as part of an international team. With a wide network of offices, partners and dealers, Polin can offer faster and higher quality services for each and every culture in its own language.